Edible oil and oilseeds-Products and services

   Edible oils refer to vegetable oils made from edible vegetable oils for processing or consumption, and single products or mixtures of vegetable oils processed in one or more ways after refining and separation. Oil refers to the seeds of oil plants used to extract edible vegetable oil, such as peanuts, sesame seeds, etc.

Important note: If it is genetically modified oil used for raw material processing purposes, such as: genetically modified soybeans, genetically modified rapeseed, genetically modified cottonseed, genetically modified corn, etc., in addition to complying with "the catalogue of food exported to China by countries or regions that meet the evaluation and review requirements and have traditional trade",It is also necessary to apply for the "Agricultural Genetically Modified Life Safety Certificate (Import)" from China's agricultural and rural departments in accordance with the Measures for the Safety Management of Imports of Agricultural Genetically Modified Organisms, and follow the Measures for the Inspection and Quarantine of Inbound and Quarantine of Genetically Modified Products to implement import and export.

GACC CIFFER Registration System


*GACC registration application requires the submission of 32 documents, about 200-300 pages, professional services, please contact us!

GACC  Service                                                               

I. Clearly provide preliminary consultation on HS CODE and national product access plans imported into Chinese products to assist in access

II. Explain relevant laws and regulations related to China to customers

III. Provide guidance on data compliance and fill in the CIFFER customs registration system.

IV. Organize and write a full set of 40-50 application materials, and provide translation of application materials

V. Provide process guidelines for overseas authorities to apply for account allocation and recommendation procedures

VI. Provide reference templates and document pre-examination for documents recommended by overseas authorities

VII. Actively feedback on the progress of registration to Party A

VIII. Provide guidance to the competent departments for the inspection of factories

IX. Provide solutions to the competent authorities' opinions on factory rectification

X. Provide advice on other difficult problems encountered in the export of food to China

XI. Coordinate the resources of the examination and approval department to promote the implementation of access

National Standard of Edible oil and oilseeds of the People's Republic of China

National Standard of oil the People's Republic of China.pdf


Terminology of grain and oil Grain and oil bearing material and their products.pdf

Walnut oil.pdf





Maximum residue limits for pesticides in food.pdf

Olive oil and olive pomace oil橄榄油和橄榄果渣油.pdf

Sesame seed oil芝麻油标准.pdf

Tea camellia seed oil.pdf