Aquatic products-Products and services

 "Aquatic product" means aquatic animal and plant products and products of their origin for human consumption, such as from jellyfish, mollusks, crustaceans, echinoderm, cephalophora, fish, amphibians, reptiles, aquatic mammals and algae , excluding live aquatic animals and propagating materials.                                                                                

Manufacturers of aquatic products mean processing plants, warehouses, reefer fishing vessels, fishing carriers  and factory vessels.                                                                                                                               

 GACC Register Application

     According to  GACC Decree 248. Foreign exporters seafood register, all foreign Seafood processing plant / Seafood fishing and seafood transport boat / Seafood processing boat / Seafood independent cold storage are required to file their company information online with the Bureau of Import and Export Food Safety of GACC, This requirement comes into force with effect from January 01, 2022 and every 5 years renewal in GACC。

     The Regulations on the Registration and Administration of Overseas Producers of Imported Food (Decree 248)  enter into force on January 1, 2022. the measure will require that all overseas food manufacturers, processors, and storage facilities be registered with the Chinese authorities to export product to China. The measure covers all food products except food additives. Depending on the product category, food producers must register with the General Administration of Customs of China either .a) through the competent authority of the exporting country  b) directly and/or through a private agent.

Information required to apply for the registration of GACC:

 An overseas manufacturer of imported food, after review and inspection by the competent authority of the country (region) where it is located, will recommend registration to the General Administration of Customs and submit the following application materials:

1. Recommendation letter from the competent authority of the country (region) where you live;

2. List of companies and application for company registration;

3. Enterprise identification documents, such as business license issued by the competent authority of the country (region) where it is located;

4. A statement recommended by the competent authority of the country (region) where the company meets the requirements of this regulation;

5. The review report of the competent authority of the country (region) where the company is located for review and inspection of relevant enterprises.

6. Enterprise food safety, sanitation and protection system documents, such as the floor plan of the enterprise plant, workshop, and cold storage, as well as the process flow chart, etc.


Our services                                                                       

I. Clearly provide preliminary consultation on HS CODE and national product access plans imported into Chinese products to assist in access

II. Explain relevant laws and regulations related to China to customers

III. Provide guidance on data compliance and fill in the CIFFER customs registration system.

IV. Organize and write a full set of 40-50 application materials, and provide translation of application materials

V. Provide process guidelines for overseas authorities to apply for account allocation and recommendation procedures

VI. Provide reference templates and document pre-examination for documents recommended by overseas authorities

VII. Actively feedback on the progress of registration to Party A

VIII. Provide guidance to the competent departments for the inspection of factories

IX. Provide solutions to the competent authorities' opinions on factory rectification

X. Provide advice on other difficult problems encountered in the export of food to China

XI. Coordinate the resources of the examination and approval department to promote the implementation of access


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*The application for the renewal of aquatic products GACC is only 8 days.When you need to apply for  expediting, please contact us.

Packaging requirements for imported aquatic products: 

 The inner and outer packaging should have a firm, clear and easy-to-understand Chinese, English or Chinese and the text logo of the exporting country (region), indicating the following: commodity name and scientific name, specifications, production date, batch number, shelf life and storage conditions, production mode (seawater fishing, freshwater fishing, aquaculture) , the production area (marine fishing sea area, freshwater fishing country or region, the country or region where the aquaculture products are located), the name, registration number and address of all production and processing enterprises involved (including fishing vessels, processing ships, transport ships, independent cold storage) (specific to the state/province/city), the destination must be marked as the People's Republic of China.