• 01

    Translation Service

    1) The official language of China is only Chinese, and most of the official GACC documents are only in Chinese. The English materials you see are all translated into English Including: GACC regulations, GACC registration guidance documents, GACC registration application form, GACC application document template samples, etc.
    2) All the GACC application documents must have Chinese translation, and all these documents are translated into Chinese
  • 02

    Consultancy Services

    1)The GACC official will not provide consulting services, let alone English consulting services. All the problems you encounter will be solved by the customer service staff
    2) Consulting services include: GACC registration type classification, food category classification, GACC application document list and template samples, customer service consultation before registration, technical support during the registration process, etc.
  • 03

    Pre-review Services

    1) All GACC application documents submitted by applicants will be pre-reviewed by professionals beformally submitted to GACC to ensure that all application documents meet GACC standards;
    2) If there are errors or defects in the application documents, We will notify and guide the applicant to correct them until they meet the GACC requirements;
  • 04

    Regulatory Compliance Services

    Compliance services include: product import compliance guidelines in China, product formula pre-review, Chinese label pre-review, product quality index pre-review,product testing and certification, product government registration and filing, etc.
  • 05

    Promote Successful Registration

    Using many years of cooperation in the industry, we will assist registrants to strengthen communication with GACC to ensure the time and probability.